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MUX Resources Workspace: Roles Tab - No Toast Message for Department OBS


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With the introduction of the Resources Workspace with the Resources and Roles Tab in 16.0.2, the user can add any Resource Object field to the grid.  

If the user has edit permissions to a Role and tries to set the 'Department OBS' field. The field is available for configuration and when attempting to use it, no Toast message appears.  

We should expect the Department field NOT to appear because Roles cannot have a Department OBS Unit assigned on the properties. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In Classic, Administration, Studio: Objects, go to the Resource Object 
  2. Locate the 'Department OBS' field and set the API Attribute ID = obs_dept 
  3. Navigate to Modern UX, Resources Workspace, Roles Tab 
  4. Add the 'Department OBS' column to the grid 
  5. Select an OBS Unit for a Role 

Expected Results: The Department field should not be available. 

Actual Results: The field can be added to the view. Attempts to set the value for any type of role is not successful and no error is generated. 


  • No impact to data because the data is not saved.  This is a usability issue and the field should not be available for a ROLE. 
  • Any type of Role (Labor, Expense, Material, Equipment) are not allowed to have a Department OBS Unit or Location OBS Unit for their properties profile.
  • The Roles can have a Department OBS Unit or Location OBS Unit selected on the 'Staff OBS Unit' field for use in populating Cost Plans from Allocations, grouped by either the Department or Location field. 


Release: 16.0.2 


DE64873, fixed in 16.0.3 and

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