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Alert/SNOW incident gets generated after long delay for an alert


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


The UAT metrics has an alert set up. We have following requirements to trigger an alert and create SNOW ticket.

If we have two consecutive UAT failures (in 1 hour) then it should create an alert and create a SNOW ticket.

We are finding that SNOW ticket is being created after long delay. 

For example: If the 1st failure occurs at 12:30, and 2nd failure occurs at 1:00, we see that some time SNOW ticket gets created after more then 30 minutes and other times after more then 1 hour after the 2nd failure.



Release : 21.3

Component : Introscope


Made further adjustments to the alert configuration as follows:

Resolution 15 seconds


Periods Over Threshold 120

Observed Periods 120