NIM Connector 1.2.1 - No service for NIM Connector after installation
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NIM Connector 1.2.1 - No service for NIM Connector after installation


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


Wanted to update the NIM Connector in our production environment to v1.2.1. 

Unistalled the currently used version v1.1.1and removed the service for NIM connector from service tree. 

Afterwards we installed the new version of the connector, but no service for the NIM connector was available under services afterwards. 

We tried this several times, always with the same result. 
Thus we decided to roll back to the previous version (snapshot restored). 


When we performed the update in test environment, a new service has been available in the service view, right after the installation has been completed. 
Why this isn't the case in our production environment and what can be done to solve this. 


Release : 4.2

Component :


The problem appears to relate to the settings for JAVA_HOME

In customer non-production, JAVA_HOME was not set

In production, it was set to the JRE of SOI

Reviewing install logs showed this error


Unsetting the value in production resolved the issue, Also if JAVA_HOME is set to a JDK, the service will be created.


The service.bat script which creates the Windows service will be updated in future to better handle this situation