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API Portal: Callback URL not migrated when migrating from 3.5 to 5.x


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CA API Developer Portal


When migrating 3.5 to 5.x portal using the migrate-to-apim method the Callback URL values are not getting migrated.


Release : 5.x

Component : API PORTAL


Follow the steps below to manually export the oAuthCallbackUrl from the Classic Portal to a temporary table, and then import the table values into the Target Portal:

  • From Classic Portal’s database server to generate and export applications UUIDs and Callback URLs into a SQL file:
mysql> CREATE TABLE temptable AS SELECT uuid, oAuthCallbackUrl FROM lrsapplication;
mysqldump lrs temptable > temp.sql;
mysql> DROP TABLE temptable;
  •  Transfer the SQL file into the Target Portal's database server
  •  Import into the table portal.APPLICATION_API_KEY
mysql -u admin -p portal < temp.sql
mysql> ALTER TABLE temptable CONVERT TO character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci;
mysql> UPDATE APPLICATION_API_KEY t2, temptable t1 SET t2.OAUTH_CALLBACK_URL = t1.oAuthCallbackUrl WHERE t2.APPLICATION_UUID = t1.uuid;
mysql> DROP TABLE temptable;
  • Call following endpoint to trigger a bulk application deployment on a specific proxy:
POST ${tenantUrl}/api/${tenantId}/deployments/internal/proxies/${proxyUuid}/api-keys?forceDeploy=true