CDA Tables created when using DB-Cleanup.exe utility
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CDA Tables created when using DB-Cleanup.exe utility


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CA Continuous Delivery Automation - Automation Engine


When the DB-Cleanup.exe utility is used to remove History and Executions Records older than 365 days to increase DB Space, the process had to be terminated early and there are now tables with the names:


Were these tables created as a part of the DB-Cleanup.exe utility process?
Can they be removed?
How can these tables be prevented from being created and not removed in the future?


Release: CDA 10.0.2


These tables are created as temp tables as a part of the DB-Cleanup process and were not removed after since the process was aborted before it finished. 

This was an issue that was fixed with Release Manager 10.0.3 - the DB-Cleanup process will now remove the temporary tables that it creates.  

The tables can be safely deleted at this point - your DBAs should be able to help with that.  

The ultimate solution will be to upgrade the Release Manager component to 10.0.3 or higher.