Setting up Multiple Service Managers on a single server
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Setting up Multiple Service Managers on a single server


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Sometimes it's necessary to have two or more Automic Automation systems or their components running on one server.  This guide walks through an example of how this could be setup.  Please note that this is just a guide and best practices for your organization should be followed.


Release : 21.0

Component :


In this guide, there will be two systems, AUT1238 and AUT2102.  AUT1238 was installed first using the default port of 8871 and will continue to use that port.  AUT2102 service manager has already been installed and will be updated to use 8872 for the port.

  1. In the AUT1238 ucybsmgr.ini file, confirm that port 8871 is being used by checking the line:
  2. In the AUT2102 ucybsmgr.ini file, update the port= setting to 8872 so that it shows:
  3. In whichever service manager dialog should be used (we always recommend the higher version), update the UCYBSMDi.ini port= setting to use a range of ports, in this case covering 8871 and 8872:
  4. Restart any service manager component that had changes to the ini file, in this case, the AUT2102 system
  5. Open the service manager dialog and the Phrases dropdown will now show the multiple systems

Note that in versions with incompatibilities (for example 11.2 without CAPKI and 21.0 with CAPKI), it may be that steps 1 and 2 are followed above, but each versions service manager dialog should be used and have their respective ini files updated to use the port for that system.