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Staffing Plan no color for resource with 0 allocation


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On the Staffing Plan in MUX we can see color red, if a resource is over-allocated, and green if a resource is under-allocated depending on threshold settings.

But we can also see, that resources with workload/utilization of 0% are not marked with a color green. We would expect that resources with 0% should be green also, since these would be an extreme example for an under allocation.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


When a person is allocated 0% there is NO red/green COLOR used. 

When a person is allocated 100% NO red/green COLOR is used.

Only over or under 100% are shown according to the color heatmap configuration. 

The Color is only showing on the Resource-Investment view and only for the Resource Row grouping (the row with the resource's name) - no colors are shown for the child rows. 

The new Staffing Workspace: Allocation Timeline page at the bottom for the Resource Histogram, Resources will have an over/under allocation (red/green) and when the person is NOT allocated (0 hours) then it is grey.