SOI SCOM connector failing to initialize following password change on the SCOM admin account.
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SOI SCOM connector failing to initialize following password change on the SCOM admin account.


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


We've performed these changes historically dozens of times with no issues. We use an admin service account for SCOM (XXXX) that our SCOM Connector (XXXX) uses to communicate with our Management Server for SCOM (XXXX). When we've changed this in the past, and the connector has always been updated automatically after changing the password within the SCOM Manager. 

For some reason it appears that the SOI Connector has not gotten the updated password as we're seeing the connector fail to initialize with this error from the log file CA\Catalyst\CatalystConnector\ifw\log\ifw.log :

[proxyOutputReader] connectorproxy.ConnectorProxy - SAM_ConnectorProxyApp.exe : SCOM Connector Initialize: Connecting to 
the SDK Service of XXXX as user: XXXX

We've tried to perform a full restart of both the SCOM and the SOI environments but despite this the error persists. We've confirmed the SDK service is running on XXXX.

I've looked into how we can update this password ourselves but I could only find instructions on this page

Sadly it refers to going to a management page "http://registryserver:port/adminui" but when I put in our server with the default port (http://XXXX:8082/adminui) it doesn't appear to load anything. There doesn't appear to be any direct way to go about updating the password that I can see. I did find several files that reference the account and password in encrypted form but I'm unsure how I'd change it via these safely. 


Release : 4.2



We perform the following:


Stop the CA Catalyst Container CatalystConnector service


Open command prompt and ran

\CatalystConnector\tools\encrypt\encrypter.bat to encrypt the password.


Edit the following files and paste the encrypted password Catalyst\CatalystConnector\registry\topology\physical\<hostname>CatalystConnector\modules\configuration\Nimsoftconnector.conf and Nimsoftconnector.xml


Delete all files in the following folders




Start CA Catalyst Container CatalystConnector service