Configure MUX Timesheet Columns
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Configure MUX Timesheet Columns


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How to Restore Default configuration of Timesheet. The Apply to All Resources in Timesheet Options doesn't work. Need to remove Charge code and Input type or add / remove other columns


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Update the Timesheet View for all users who use default view

  1. Administration - Timesheet Options 
  2. Do not use Apply to All Resources, just use Save
  3. Make sure you log out and in after the change or refresh the page

If there are people who have configured the Timesheet View (if the Allow end user column configuration was enabled) you may want to reset the view to default for everyone who has a custom configuration

Reset the Timesheet view to default for everyone

  1. Note the changes you did on Timesheet Options (take a screenshot)
  2. Click Restore Defaults, this will revert all settings to defaults
  3. Now click Apply to All Resources
  4. Now reapply your changes to all Timesheet Options that you have on the screenshot, and Save

This will overwrite the view for everyone, including users with custom views. Keep in mind it will erase the custom views that were set up, and some users may not like this.