The DC service is up and running but cannot connect to the DA
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The DC service is up and running but cannot connect to the DA


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Fresh install of DC does not connect to the DA in FT


Release : 21.2

Component : PM Data Aggregator


The following error was found in the /opt/CA/IMDataCollector/broker/apache-activemq-5.15.2/data/activeme.log file:

2022-04-19 19:11:22,246 | INFO  | Establishing network connection from vm://dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf to tcp://10.xx.yy.116%2010.xx.yy.117:61620 | | ActiveMQ Task-562022-04-19 19:11:22,248 | INFO  | dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf Shutting down da_manager-IREP | | ActiveMQ BrokerService[dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf] Task-322022-04-19 19:11:22,249 | INFO  | dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf bridge to Unknown stopped | | ActiveMQ BrokerService[dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf] Task-322022-04-19 19:11:22,249 | WARN  | Could not start network bridge between: vm://dc_broker_4211efb5-2008-4f60-860b-aad370b767cf and: tcp://10.xx.yy.116%2010.xx.yy.117:61620 due to: hostname can't be null | | ActiveMQ Task-56

In the activemq.xml file:

		    <networkConnector name="da_manager" uri="static:(tcp://10.xx.yy.116 10.xx.yy.117:61616)" duplex="true" 

This is not the correct syntax for FT DAs in DC AMQ xml file.

Both DA IPs were supplied in the first field:

The DC installer asks for 1 IP, then asks if FT DA, and then will prompt for 2nd DA IP.



1) export DCM_ID=<dcmid>
2) uninstall DC
3) install DC.
 a) it will ask for first DA IP, enter it.
 b) it will ask if FT DA, say yes
 c) it will ask for second DA IP, enter it.

Get dcmid from DCs page, or apache-karaf/etc/  collector-manager-id=<dcmid>

The DC successfully connected to the DA.