Failed power supply in NetApp or Dell MD3860 storage
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Failed power supply in NetApp or Dell MD3860 storage


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The SANtricity or the storage log bundles may indicate there is a failed power supply.  It will typically indicate whether it is the (Top) or the (Bottom) power supply.  Below is a sample error message seen in the recovery-guru-procedures.html file


Failure Entry 1: FAILED_POWER_SUPPLY-Recovery Failure Type Code: 2

Storage array: XXXXXXXX
Component reporting problem: Power Supply (Bottom)
Status: Failed
Location: Controller/Drive Tray 99, 99
Component requiring service: Power supply canister (Bottom)
Service action (removal) allowed: Yes Service action LED on component: No


Dell MD3860f 

NetApp E5660


  1. Identify and locate the faulty power supply module.
  2. Disconnect the power cable from the power source and the power supply module you intend to remove and remove the cables from the cable securing strap.
  3. Pull and rotate the two release levers away from the chassis until the power supply module is free from the slot.
  4. Hold the power supply module and slide the power supply out of the chassis.

    Figure 1. Removing and Installing the power supply module