Microsoft SQL Server 2019 support
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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 support


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Automation Point


Currently the highest support release of Microsoft SQL Server supported by Automation Point is Microsoft SQL Sever 2017 according to the software requirements documentation. If Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is implemented with the compatibility level set to MS SQL Server 2017 (140), will this work with Automation Point 11.7?



Release : 11.7

Component : ATMXC


Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is the highest release currently supported by Automation Point 11.7 with no exceptions. Installing Microsoft SQL Server 2019 and setting the compatibility level to Microsoft SQL Server 2017 will not function as a workaround and failures will result.

Only Microsoft SQL Server versions 2017 or lower will function properly with Automation Point 11.7 at this time. There is no workaround for this requirement.