Direct Web Services Calls from Appworx
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Direct Web Services Calls from Appworx


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Is there a direct way or direct connector/integration to call an external Web Service from Applications Manager? We are not looking at a solution wherein we can call it via a batch file or script but a direct way of calling external web services.


Release : 9.3.x, 9.4

Component :CA Automic Applications Manager


Please check using our RA_Webservice Agent. It’ll make a direct call to whatever web service login that you define.

We have an add-on product called the RA Webservice REST Agent or RA Webservice SOAP Agent that can be added on to Applications Manager using the Rapid Automation Loader in the Java Web Client Tool menu. These two Webservice Agents allow you to run and schedule WebService calls using the SOAP protocol or REST.

An additional license needs to be purchased for this add on product. Please contact your Local Accounts Team contact for the needed license.  Once purchased a new keyfile needs to be generated with the new WebService line before the Webservice Agent can be installed and used.

Additional Information

Here's a link to the RA_Webservice Agent documentation :