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Error "The user name or password is incorrect" when doing an Asset import via .csv file in CCS


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

When running an Asset import job in CCS, but you get one or both of the messages listed below in the CCS Console:

Source - 'CSV File': An error occurred while accessing '\\<Shared_folder_path>' network share for 'UNIX' platform, 'Default Site' site.   The user name or password is incorrect.

Source - 'CSV File': Logon failure: Please verify that the user name and password are correct for the share '\\<Shared_folder_path>' for 'UNIX' platform, 'Default site'.  Also verify that, if share is on local machine, then user must have permission to either 'Log on as a Batch job' or 'Log on Locally'.  The user name or password is incorrect.


CCS 12.5.X

CCS 12.6.X


When entering in the username when configuring the shared folder where you will have the .csv files for CCS, put only the username and not domain\username or you will get the errors shown above.


  1. Select the Settings then select either Deployment View or Grid View.
  2. Right click on a CCS manager (with the csv 'Data Collector' enabled) and then select Edit Settings.   
  3. Then select CSV under Data Collection Sites in the left column, and in the right panel verify that the 'User Name' column has the user name only listed (as shown in the example below), and it is not in the 'domain\username' format.

Additional Information

NOTE: If the share is locally on the server, then the user specified must have permission to either 'Log on as a Batch job' or 'Log on Locally'