EM collector is stopping immediately
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EM collector is stopping immediately


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DX Application Performance Management


In one of the APM EM collector Interscope service is starting and stopping immediately and service is not running. EM collector is on Windows server. The other EM collector and MOM are running good which are also on Windows servers. 

In default INFO log, right after when EM collector is working with traces directory it is showing following error.

The EM failed to start. Assertion failed


Release : 10.7.0

Component : Introscope


It seems like logs and traces directors have become corrupt.


We find that on falling EM collector, we can not explore to the logs folder.  We create log1 and change the logs folder locations to log1 in configuration files.

EM collector is still falling to start. We enable the DEBUG and reviewed the log. It seems like EM collector is failing due to corrupt traces folder.

We rename the traces folder to traces_org.

This time the EM collector started successfully. We find that MOM and EM collector are connecting now. Agents are also connecting to EM collector successfully.