The test metrics on Staging Test do not show the custom names -- instead just displaying "CUSTOM-103" etc.
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The test metrics on Staging Test do not show the custom names -- instead just displaying "CUSTOM-103" etc.


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Service Virtualization



Just installed DevTest 10.7.0, then copied all custom jars from DevTest 10.6.0 hotDeploy to the DevTest 10.7.0 hotDeploy folder, copied the staging documents where the custom metrics are define from 10.6.0 to 10.7.0.

When staging a test and ready to run the custom metrics do not show the names in DevTest 10.7.0:



All supported DevTest releases and platforms.



Missing lisa.test.custevent property defined in the file.



There was a property in the for DevTest 10.6.0, that is not in DevTest 10.7.0.

Added the below property in the DevTest 10.7.0 file of each Workstation, Registry, Coordinator and Simulator are running.  Once all DevTest components restarted, the names showed properly on the Staging document.

lisa.test.custevents=101="Custom Event 101"&102="Custom Event 102"&103="Successfully Activated"&104="Already Active"&105="Already Inactive"&106="Invalid Card"&107="Other Status"&108="Last TXN Id"&109="Last Src Ref Num"&110="System Error"&111="Invalid Merchant"&112="Routing Error"&113="Network Error"&114="Invalid ESN"&115="Vendor System Error"&116="Service Provider Read Timeout"&117="Service Provider Network IO Error"&118="Service Provider Invalid Response"&119="Invalid Location"&120="Database Error"&121="Invalid Amount"&122="Not Reversible"&123="Recharge not Supported"&124="DST Time out"&125="Already Redeemed"&126="Already Reversed"&127="Can NOT Refund Individual SAMS MULTIPACK card"&128="Card Action Suspended"&129="Card Not Active"&130="Card Not Locked"&131="Delayed Redemption"&132="Duplicate Request"&133="Insufficient Funds"&134="Invalid MIN"&135="Invalid Request"&136="Invalid Terminal"&137="No Previous Action"&138="Suspected Fraud"&139="Vendor Application Error"

We always suggest to not update properties in the file.  If you need to change a value of a property in the file or add a new property, please add it to the file.

NOTE: This is just an example of events for these metrics in this KB, each customer needs to define based on their metric names.