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Timesheets Grid not Honoring Date of Hire / Date of Termination in Modern UX


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Summary: Timesheets which are created before the Resource's Date of Hire (DOH) are showing in 'Timesheet grid' in the MUX. Resources and Project managers are confused why Timesheets are getting created and showing before the Date of Hire or after the Date of Termination. Reports also have the same Timesheets for these resources. Timesheet having task before Date of hire or Date of Termination are being greyed out so that user can not enter any value. Removing of the timesheet prior to date of hire is done in Classic but in Modern UX it is greying out to stop user from entering any value. The same could occur for Timesheets created and subsequently the Resource's Date of Termination (DOT) is set to a date that causes some Timesheets to exist beyond the DOT.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Login to Classic Clarity PPM 
  2. Navigate to Modern UX timesheet
  3. Select any Resource with blank Date of Hire 
  4. Create two Timesheets with the Resource selected 
  5. Navigate to Classic PPM, Home, Resources 
  6. Set Date of Hire for the Resource selected to a date after the dates of the two Timesheets created 
  7. Go to Modern UX and check the Timesheet for the Resource selected 

Expected Results: Modern UX shouldn't show the Timesheets created before the Date of Hire. 

Actual Results: Modern Ux shows the Timesheets previous to the Date of Hire selected. 


Release : 15.X,16.X

Component : Clarity Time Management 



Workaround: Use the Timesheets grid filter to filter out the prior timesheets.  


The defect DE64732 is fixed in 16.0.3.