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Endpoint Location is not working while manually configured with the organisation's domain.


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Data Loss Prevention Core Package Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Suite


We are testing the Endpoint location in DLP configuring it manually and set the domain

We have tested with the user in the same domain. We tried with a machine in office network and another on VPN.

In both instances the generated incident showed off the corporate network which is not correct.


Release : 15.8

Component : Endpoint Agent.


Login to the Enforce console and navigate to System  > Agents > Agent Configuration

Select the Endpoint Agent Configuration which has been applied to the Endpoint Agent. 

Click on the Advanced Settings tab and search for * which should have a value of 1, change this to 0.

Click Save, then click on the Apply Configuration button and check the box beside the Endpoint Agent you just modified then click on the Update Configuration button to apply the change and click OK to the prompt. 

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15.8 Advanced Agent Settings