Implementation of Siteminder in several data centers
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Implementation of Siteminder in several data centers


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When running a Policy Server and CA Directory as User and Policy
Store, how to implement them in 2 Datacenter?

More precisely,

  1. How to configure Backend Directory servers (user store & policy
     stores) in Siteminder?

  2. Is there any Firewall port opening that will be required between both
     Siteminder across Zones?

  3. Does any new component needs to be introduced, like session store
     to manage sessions in these scenarios?
  4. How to set up replication in DSA for these new setups? Is there any
     recommendation from the vendor?




Our documentation gives you best practices and things to consider when
implementing several data centers (1).

Ports of the services themselves should be open in both
directions. Session stores are optional.


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