Manually delete an address shown on RC Viewer
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Manually delete an address shown on RC Viewer


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


When a machine is renamed, DSM Explorer will show the Agent with the new name correctly, but when trying to initiate a Remote Control session (using DSM Explorer or RC Viewer), the old address could still be shown on the drop down:


Client Automation - All supported versions.


The list of addresses shown on the drop down contain addresses registered by the system itself or address added manually. Here is shown how a manually an address is added and then how it appears on the drop down:

In order to delete an old address, defined as "Reported = Yes", which can't be manually delted from DSM Explorer, the next stpes can be followed:

1.- Search for the list of addresses of the desired Agent on the MDB:

NOTE: ‘computer_uuid’ can be obtained from ‘ca_agent’ table.

2.- The desired old address (marked as Reported = Yes on the 'Connection Addresses' section) can be deleted running this query:

3.- Opening the list of Connection Addresses again, the recently deleted address is not present anymore:

And when trying to start a RC Session, the address also disappeared from here: