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create policy express in identity manager massively


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CA Identity Suite


there is an express policy which assigns groups, we do the above with action rules. However, it is required to have more than 5000 conditions"action Rules". How can we do this??? an xml??? any IM complement???




Release : 14.3

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You can edit Role Definitions to add the actions. But before update save your xml, backup your db and so you can upload the Role Definitions with the new action rules using the stretch as sample:

<Attribute name="friendlyName">AR_spfp_home_2</Attribute>
<Attribute name="priority">30</Attribute>
<Attribute name="description"/>
<Attribute name="dataElement">De1</Attribute>
<Attribute name="operator">EQUALS</Attribute>
<Attribute name="value">PR_SFTP_ZN02</Attribute>