Unable to specify stage document on Portal for API test
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Unable to specify stage document on Portal for API test


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Service Virtualization


Whenever we create an API test and run, for some reason cycle and vusers are 0.

Can you let us know how to change or increase the number of vusers on the Portal for an API test?


All supported DevTest releases and platforms.




Currently we are not supporting choosing any staging document for running API Test. It is by default Run1User1Cycle which has only 1 simulator and hence 1 instance.

This is the correct behavior according to the documentation


Cycle Number

Displays an index of cycle runs. If there is only one cycle in the test run, the Cycle Number is 0.


Shows the number of virtual users for each cycle.

Since the cycle number is 0 hence the virtual user is also 0. Just consider this cycle number as some iteration, so if there is only 1 cycle running which means 0th iteration is going on, hence they display it as 0.


Additional Information

To verify it further, we checked the code, and it seems they have designed it the same way for Tests and API Tests where there is only 1 instance and 1 vuser, we will see 0 cycle number and 0 vuser.