WSFED configuration for multiple Domains
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WSFED configuration for multiple Domains


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Queries regarding WSFED configuration.

1.Is WSFED configuration domain specific?

2.If domain specific will it support 3 domains for Office 365 configuration?

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We already have office 365 configured for one domain.We want to add 2 more domains to the same configuration.


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siteminder as IDP, it is fine with what AD we are using - as long as we are authenticated and authorized to federate.

it will generate the assertion based on the user attributes the user has the email could be [email protected], it can be [email protected], it can be [email protected]

However for O365, it may require registering specific AD domain there.

For registering multiple domains - you need to check with Microsoft. 

when we go to O365, and submit user email address which contains the domain ""

so O365 will lookup which account(tenan account) has this "" domain registered and then lookup the IDP side configuration and contact the IDP (which will be SiteMinder)

So - based on this, the query is related to O365 side question rather than siteminder.

[IDP:SiteMinder] <--> [SP:O365]       

Also reach out to Microsoft to get further information on this,