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PRPT-array in JOBP.FE is not processed correctly when used in JSCH


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


We have a ForEach Workflow containing a prompt set up as an array using multi-select checkbox selections.
When this is run manually, we are able to select 2 or more of the checkboxes and the job report shows the correct number of iterations with the selected values. 


When this FE Workflow is run via a schedule with pre-selected checkboxes, the job report shows a single iteration containing the selected values. 


This is working as intended. 


Release : 12.3.x, 21.0.x



If the complete VARA (array) must be processed, do not use a prompt as this will create a variable containing the array as a single string.
The prompt created a VARA with the content of '10 - ABC;30 - 123' - this is not an array.

If you use the vara object without the prompt within the FE, the start through the JSCH will do the same as a manual start and it loops through the variable entries.