Reporting of Credential count in VIP Manager
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Reporting of Credential count in VIP Manager


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At times customers request an explanation for the variance in the count of Credentials in the two screens below (Manage Credential screen - for example showing 1147  credentials results versus Credential Reports screens for example showing  a much greater number 1565) .



For example Credential State Daily Summary report showing the count of Credentials at  approximately 1565 .  1565 in the example represents much larger count due to the fact that this count is for the "Total Assigned Credentials" 


Release : 1.0

Component : Default-Sym


Credentials can be accounted for as Total  Assigned Credentials (Larger Number) and as the count of  Total Fully Activated Credentials (Smaller Number).  The variance is due to the count of  not fully activated credentials that may exist.


Total  Assigned Credentials = Total Fully Activated Credentials + Total not Fully Activated Credentials

The credential count can be viewed as being of three kind.   (

1.  Total  Assigned Credentials  (provided via Credential Reports)

2.  Total Fully Activated Credentials (provided via Credentials tab of VIP Manager --Manage Credentials results)

3.   Total not Fully Activated Credentials (count is a difference of #1 and #2 above)

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