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Degraded drive path or degraded drive channel in Security Analytics


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Security Analytics


In the Security Analytics SANtricity interface, you may see an error stating the following:

Degraded Drive Channel or you may see Individual Drive - Degraded Path.  The actual error codes will show up as follows:

DEGRADED_DRIVE_CHANNEL-Recovery Failure Type Code: 71
DEGRADED_DRIVE_PATH-Recovery Failure Type Code: 76

You may see the Individual Drive - Degraded Path message multiple times for multiple drives


This is typically caused by a physical problem with either the drawer that stores all of the hard drives or it can be the individual SAS cables that connect the drawer to the SAS controllers.  This should be diagnosed by Dell technical support.  You will need to generate a log bundle first and be prepared to send that to technical support for further analysis.  Also be prepared to provide shipping details in the case that hardware will need to be replaced.  

See the following article for details on how to generate a log bundle: How to generate a support bundle for Dell MD3860 or NetApp attached storage

NOTE:  Although not guaranteed, fixing these errors typically does not involve the loss of any data on the disks or volumes.