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CEM job J02350DB receives return code 0008


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Compliance Event Manager


 Running Compliance Event Manger job J02350DB and receiving DBSQLPR is completing with return code 0008, SQL error -14.


Release : 6.0



The DBSQLPR program will generally complete with 8 when it experiences any SQL error.
In this instance, the SQL error is -14 which means the table does not exist. This is because the DROP command tried to drop a table that did not exist yet because the table is new.
The DROP command means to delete a table in a database.   DROPs are done for each table we try to create to ensure the latest definition is in place. If the DROP was not done an error would be received that the table already exists and it would not be created. 
Another way to look at the DROP command is that it is refreshing the tables.  When a -14 SQL error is returned it is because the table never existed before and despite the message it creates the new table.
When creating tables for the first time the -14 SQL error code is expected.  If the job is rerun it will end in a return code of 0000.