DataLib Subtask (DLLIST) Information
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DataLib Subtask (DLLIST) Information


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I have various questions regarding the DLLIST screen:

1. Some of the items displayed on the DLLIST screen, are not named the same as the ones in the PARMLIB. For example, the CICS members are shown multiple times in the DLLIST screen with different suffixes. What does that mean? Is there are any way to see them in a list just like we have them in the PARMLIB?

2. Some of the fields in the DLLIST screen have a dot (.), what does that mean?

3. Does the DLLIST screen only show the "members" that were dinamically changed? If not, is there any way to show what was changed since the last cold start?

4. Is there any batch utility or command that can be used to export all the values at once?

5. Finally, is there any section in the manual where I can find more information on how this screen works?


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


A to Q1) The different suffixes (CICS jobnames) are from old members that are no longer used.   
A to Q2) The . is representative of a repeated value for the column.  Set your Scroll value to CSR and put the cursor into an area with the . and hit PF8.  It will fill in the value.
A to Q3) DLLIST shows the values that were either SAVED into the member or when the TASK is shut down and there were any changes made DYNAMICALLY to the members.
A to Q4) Check the SYSVIEW online Manuals.  Begin with the discussion about the Persistent Data Store.