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Create a report that will show underutilized servers for the purpose of reducing resources provisioned


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Looking for a way to report on underutilized allocated CPU/Memory usage on servers.


Release : 20.3, 20.4

Component : UIM - CABI


Create a group in OC that has a list of the servers that are being monitored by cdm:

Note: This will only populate with those sources that have been collecting in the last 24 hours (meaning those with current data).

-create group
-set filter to SQL
-add the following query

select cs_id from cm_computer_system where cs_id in 
(SELECT cs.cs_id as 'cs_id'
from cm_configuration_item ci
join cm_device cd on cd.dev_id=ci.dev_id 
join cm_computer_system cs on cs.cs_id=cd.cs_id 
join cm_configuration_item_metric cm on cm.ci_id=ci.ci_id
join cm_configuration_item_metric_definition cb on cm.ci_metric_type=cb.met_type
join s_qos_data def on def.ci_metric_id=cm.ci_metric_id
JOIN S_QOS_SNAPSHOT AS snap ON snap.table_id = def.table_id
join cm_nimbus_robot AS rob on rob.dev_id = cd.dev_id 
WHERE snap.[sampletime] > dateadd(hour, -5, getdate())
AND def.probe in ('cdm'))

-name and save the group

Depending on the number of sources that are listed, next follow the following document to increase the N in a Top N report to exceed the number of sources that are listed in your group:

Once done you can then run your Top N, and then select the data in Ascending order to see what sources are least utilized for the time period selected at the top of the report.