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Wrong information displayed in WSS Portal after User Defined Object URL List upload


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Web Security Service - WSS


File created with a list of domains and URLs to import into WSS Portal

File format consistent with the documentation and includes commas - The statement says the URL and any comments need to be comma separated

After going into the Object library -> User Defined Objects -> Destination URLs (as shown below) and importing the file containing domains, the entries do not appear as expected

The Information displayed at the import feature of URLs displays a wrong information. As an example, we tested it with the following syntax in one line:,Example comment, comment, comment     

where Portal entry ended up looking like:

Comment: comment, comment, comment

Importing the same file into the WSS domain bypass list worked fine.



Portal defect


As a temporary workaround, use a space delimiter instead of comma. 

Using previous example, we added following line to file: Example with comment, comment, comment

and the resulting output correctly showed :

Comment: Example with comment, comment, comment


Additional Information

SHould be addressed in Portal update end of May '22.