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How can I use TDM API calls to register a table and publish data?


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I have a requirement to automate the TDM process to register a database table and create synthetic data for it.
I would like a working example showing how to do this.


In the example provided, we will provide examples of the following calls
This example assumes you have the Travel_E database installed on a database that is reachable

  • login and get a bearer token
  • Create a connection profile
  • Create an environment
  • Scan the environment
  • Get the status of the scan
  • Get the table relationships
  • Get a list of tables
  • Get table details
  • Register the table
  • Create a Data Generator
  • Get the registered Table ID
  • Create data generation rules
  • Publish the data Generator
  • Get the status of the published Job



TDM 4.9.1.X 4.10.X
TDM Web Portal
Test Data Manager


Attached is a Postman Collection import of the following process:

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