B4G - Add Users and Delete users function
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B4G - Add Users and Delete users function


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How to run add users function in Endevor Bridge for Git ?  And is there any delete user function ? 


Release : 18.1

Component : BRIDGE FOR GIT


To upload Mainframe users, admins can use the Add users function on the UI Users page to upload a file that contains the user account details.

This file must be in the .csv file format. The file and must contain the Endevor user name (endevorUsername), the Git user name (name), and the email address (email), each separated by commas.

Here is the example of the file in csv format used to upload Mainframe users on the B4G UI user page:



The purpose of this add users function is to add Mainframe users for traceability (when they make changes on the mainframe, users on the Git side will see who made the changes). 

There is no delete function yet, more functions can be added to the B4G user management in the future release.