Dependency type images are not visible on Requirements
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Dependency type images are not visible on Requirements


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Images are broken on the 'Requirement' object column 'dependency type' 

Here are the steps to replicate:

  1. Create a new or Open any existing Requirement in the system
  2. Go to Dependencies
  3. Click do Add
  4. Choose any existing Requirement and Click do Add (choose any dependency type)

Expected Result: Requirement Dependencies portlet to display image for Dependency Type 

Actual Result: No image loaded for Dependency type. 



Clarity 15.9.1


The problem is caused because the Dependency~ attribute has been added to the General view/General Section. This is a hidden field, which is why the ~ is appended to it. Not sure why it was added it to the Property page since it can't be seen. But it's presence is causing the grid to NOT show the value because grids are adapted to the property views to satisfy the grid attribute value protection rules (secured sub-pages, display conditions).

The requisition dependency list view uses the attribute protection rule: Use only secured subpages to protect attribute values on this list.

So what happens is when the grid is displayed the cells of the grid are adapted to support the grid attribute protection rules of the grid. To do this is loads all the properties pages and adapts the cells to how the property page displays them. Since the Dependency attribute is hidden on property pages the code is making it hidden on the view and no value is provided to the grid engine so it is unable to find the correct image to display.

Here are two solutions: 

  1. Remove the Dependency~ attribute from the General view/General section

  2. Change the Attribute Value Protection mode on the Requisition Dependency List view to use: Display all attribute values on this list