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Dx Dashboard Calculation Transformation adding array size into calculation


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DX SaaS DX APM SaaS CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


I am doing simple math operations on Dx Dashboards. For example, when I divide the error count by number of transactions, I may get something like "0.00058". When I do any math to this, lets say "add 1" it gives me "720.00058" instead of "1.00058" like it should.

I looked in the query, and it is getting the "720" number from the size of the array it pulls. Why is this being added into the calculation?




Transitions not good for graph visualizations. Only time series data is supported.


What is happening:

When setting calculation total and mode reduced row, it won't sum up each timestamp (going down the columns). 

Instead , it will add across the Series (across rows).

Example: Binary operation  mode operation error total/response total + 1



Select Transform & Add field from calculation
Reduce Row -- Add Errors Total
Reduce Row -- Add Responses Total
Reduce Fields Calculation Total

Additional Information

Recording from Engineering explaining the problem and the solution is included.

Suggestion: Go to table visualization first, apply the transformations that you need. Then once set up, choose visualization of your choice.


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