Duplicate Images under Image Management
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Duplicate Images under Image Management


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Deployment Solution IT Management Suite


The customer noticed that some image packages appear as duplicates on the SMP Console and Package Server tab.

SMP Console shows duplicates for some images:



On Package Server (under "Package Server" tab):


These are no images that were created from multiple source computers. Those were images created from a single computer.


Deployment Solution 8.5, 8.6


You can get "duplicates" if you run the same "Capture" image task multiple times against the same machine - just execute imaging task several times and you will get several images with the same name.


Verify the following:

1. Check under "Manage > All resources > Software Component > Image Resource" and see if there were multiple entries. In this example, the duplicate image is called "Win10HP_G4i7_250322.gho"

2. Check the actual "Capture" image task (under Manage>Jobs and Tasks) that the customer is using to create this image. See if is is running in a schedule or if another User is running this task multiple times.

3. Check if the dates when this task instances ran matches very closely to the "Created" and "Modified" dates in "Resource Manager" when you are looking at those duplicated images. 

If a "Capture" imaging task is executed multiple times, it will create the same image name.  If you double-click on the image under "Image Resource", you will see the image creation date. If those have different dates then it is a good indication that the "Capture" image task was run multiple times.