Error viewing objects in the AdminUI after an upgrade
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Error viewing objects in the AdminUI after an upgrade


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After upgrading the Policy Server and AdminUI, the new AdminUI returns errors when you attempt to access certain object classes.




Release : 12.8.x

Component : Symantec Siteminder AdminUI


The Policy Server, AdminUI and the XPS Data Dictionary all need to be updated to the same version.  These types of errors occur when the binaries for the Policy Server and AdminUI are updated, however the updated XPS Data Dictionary was not imported into the Policy Store.   


1) The Policy Server and the AdminUI need to both be running the same version. 

2) Import the XPS Data Dictionary into the Policy Store 

a) Logon to the Policy Server

b) browse to the following path:  <Install_Dir>/CA/siteminder/xps/dd/

c) Run the following command: XPSDDInstall SmMaster.xdd

d) Stop and Start the Policy servers

NOTE: This only needs to be run on one policy server.