TDM Portal - Order of Tables for Masking
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TDM Portal - Order of Tables for Masking


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Is there a way to order the tables in the Portal Masking?
I have couple of tables that is dependent on each other so the where clause of one uses the other.
Even though I have defined relationships between the two tables in TDM Portal, TDM Portal still lists the tables in alphabetical order.
In FDM I could edit the order of tables in CSV or add the tables in a particular order to mask them but does not seem to be possible through TDM Portal.
Please suggest.

TDM Portal v4.10.5.0


TDM 4.10.x

Test Data Manager


Per our best Practice documentation for masking, it is suggested that when masking and you have constraints and relationships these are dropped and reestablished once the masking is done.
Fast Data Masker Best Practices (

currently, there is no way to set a specific order in the TDM portal for masking.