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Password change causes 'CSM cannot connect to CA Support Online via HTTPS'


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After a support portal password change the ability to download product media in CSM via HTTPS consistently fails with the error:

'Error encountered while accessing:  
CA CSM cannot connect to CA Support Online via HTTPS. Check your internet connection settings on the Software Acquisition page, on the Settings tab.'




Special symbols used in the customer's new support portal password proved problematic for CSM . 


Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


The customer took the following action to correct the CSM download problem condition: 

1) Forced a password change to a new password at, not using any of the symbols as before

2) Logged out of and back in successfully

3) Logged back into CSM adding the new portal password to CSM.  Applied, then logged back out

4) Cleared Cache data in chrome

5) Tested  received the successful <response status="OK"/>

6) Logged back into CSM, successfully testing the HTTP connection under Settings/System Settings/ Software Acquisition

7) Went to Products and was able to "Get Latest Maintenence"

Note: One of the following 4 symbols ' (   )   -   , '  or a combination of them were problematic to CSM.