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Changing your own password in Spectrum OneClick 21.2.6 is not working


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What is the best way to debug or troubleshoot the following issue: If a new or existing user wants to change their own password and has previously logged in with their account, the user can fill in the password change form from the link at the very bottom of the OneClick client, and a message appears indicating that the password has been changed successfully, but the next time the user logs in, only the old password, or the one assigned when creating a new user, will work.
This has no effect on the administrator group. With a user from the administrators' group, I can change the password for a user.
Afterwards, the user can also log in with the changed password.
As far as I could find out, this seems to be the case only for the operators. The logged-in user does not get his password, although the message for a successful password change is displayed to the user.

I checked the documentation and can only see changes with 21.2.4 related to administrator privileges changing, but I guess changing it's own password should not be affected, right?


Regression from 21.2.4 is causing the issue.

As per Engineering, This is a regression in Ideally an operator user should be allowed to change their own password.


Release : 21.2.6 and higher

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Solution it's targeted to be delivered in one of Spectrum versions after 22.2.1

Additional Information

As a possible workaround, you can change the authentication to LDAP and that way the password changes would be done with the LDAP server / Active Directory instead of with Spectrum.