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Troublshooting SSL Certificate Trust issues with Endpoints. - How to enable additional SSL logging for JCS connector server.


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CA Identity Suite


Establishing a connection to a secure SSL endpoint depends on a trust to be established between the sending and receiving app.  Typically this is as simple as exporting and importing an ssl certificate, but when this fails it can be difficult to determine why.    This doc details how to increase logging at the JCS connector server around SSL connections to aid troubleshooting. 


Identity Manager 14.3, 14.4
Identity Governance 14.3, 14.4



For additional SSL related troubleshooting, enable SSL related logging for the JCS service.

In Windows based deployment, this is done by editing the registry and adding

to the startup parameter via the registry key Options

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\ComputerAssociates\Identity Manager\Procrun 2.0\im_jcs\Parameters\Java



In Linux based deployment, this is done by adding to  ../bin/im_jcs

The jcs_service_stdout.log should include additional SSL related details which could be used for troubleshooting