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Keyboard shortcuts are not working with Spectrum Webapp


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CA Spectrum


We often use keyboard shortcuts such as control + c to do a copy and control +v to do a paste, but this does not seem to be functioning in Oneclick Webapp.

The copy function (control + c) works normally, but when you are using a terminal or SSH window when connected to a device, the control + c does not work when you need to finish a process/command (i.e stop a "tail" command).


Keyboard shortcut commands have not been fully implemented in Webapp. This is a limitation of the Webswing (3rd-party) module embedded in Webapp.


Spectrum 21.2.x

OneClick Webapp


This has been opened as an Enhancement Request and will be added to a future Spectrum release.  Currently scheduled for Spectrum Release 22.2.3  (Tentative - September 2022)

US685866 - Keyboard shortcuts are not working in OneClick WebApp