Copy and Paste Functionality with Spectrum Webapp
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Copy and Paste Functionality with Spectrum Webapp


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CA Spectrum


We need to copy text from our Desktop to the a terminal window in OneClick webapp, this did not work. copy from Desktop to Webapp for example a ticket number will work.



Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick Webapp


Webswing functionality does not currently exist to copy directly into a SSH terminal.


Copy and Paste from clipboard functionality will be added as a new feature in webswing 21.2.x    This will be added in Spectrum after 21.2.10 Spectrum release.


Until then a workaround is provided

Work around is to copy text from notepad to webapp any text box/area field, from that copy and past into SSH terminal.  When you paste you cannot use Control + V  but you can use keyboard shortcut shift + insert or Edit Paste from SSH terminal window.