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Status Reports with Final Report Status has No Attachment and a linkable name


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From v16.0.1, Attachment attribute is introduced in the Status Reports grid. If the Report Status is DRAFT, then the Report Name is linkable but there will be no attachment. If the Report Status is FINAL, then the Attachment attribute will have a PDF file and the Report Name will not be linkable anymore. 

But there could be scenarios in the system where

--> the Reports Status is DRAFT but there is a PDF file in the attachment and the Report Name is not linkable

--> the Report Status is FINAL but there is no PDF file attachment and the Report Name is linkable


Release 16.0.1


When the Report Status is change from its previous value, the attachment and the linkable Name properties are changed only after the Report is published. 

So the above scenarios are when the report is not published and once it is published, the Draft and Final status rule will apply.

Additional Information

Here is a snippet from the Release Notes

The Status module Reports grid includes a new 'Attachment' attribute. The Attachment column contains the link to the published status report in PDF format.

Refer to the Release Notes here