PF Keys and Prompt command on the Gen Host Encyclopedia
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PF Keys and Prompt command on the Gen Host Encyclopedia


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia


When inside the Gen Host Encyclopedia panels, still seem to be using default ISPF PF keys and not the PF keys shown on the Host Encyclopedia panels.  For example, F4 doesn't 'Prompt' but performs a 'Return'.  How to change these keys in the Host Encyclopedia?



Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


Logon and open the the Host Encyclopedia.  At the command line from the Host Encyclopedia panel, type KEYS (not case sensitive).  A screen similar to the one below will display.   Set PF4 to PROMPT and select enter, then F3 exit out of this panel.   Now try to use the F4 prompt. 




- As a work-around, from one of the Host Encyclopedia panels where a Prompt is needed... Enter the word 'Prompt' in the command line and then place the cursor to the field that is to be prompted (perhaps it is to access a model) and hit Enter.  This should allow the prompt to work as well.  

- If the above does not resolve, consider checking the keyboard mapping on your z/OS emulator to be sure, for example, that F4 is mapped to PF4.