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Custom Certification works on some devices but not others in DX NetOps Portal


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I created a custom Certification to get additional metrics from Checkpoint Virtual Firewall devices and their context based VFW devices. It is only working on some of the Virtual Firewalls on our Production system.

The custom Certification is working in UAT but in Production it says the Metric Family is "Not Supported".

When we review discovery debug logging via the <DA_HOST>:8581/dcdebug page we don't see the OIDs for the custom Certification being queried.


Device was missing the SNMP entry for it's SupportedProtocols. This is observable using the <scheme>://<DA_HOST>:<Port>/rest/devices/<DA_ItemID>.

The default would be something like http://<DA_HOST>:8581/rest/devices/<DA_ItemID>.

Obtain <DA_ItemID> from the Details tab of the target device in the Monitored Devices Inventory. It's the Item ID value on that Details tab in the device in the Monitored Devices Inventory.

If we see this, where it's only ICMP or is empty, missing SNMP for an SNMP Managed device it's incorrect.



All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Run a Discovery Profile containing the problem device IP addresses. After discovery ensure the SupportedProtocolsList now contains both ICMP and SNMP sections, or SNMP alone if not using ICMP.

After this to update any impacted Metric Families for the device run Update Metric Family, or Families, for the problem device from the devices Polled Metric Families tab in the Monitored Devices Inventory.

Alternatively wait for Change Detection to run (within 24 hours by default) and it will launch Update Metric Family on it's own.