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Symantec VIP partner\reseller child member account deactivate and delete process


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VIP Service


How to change the status of partner\reseller child or member accounts


The following table lists the statuses of a reseller or partner member account:

Status Description
ACTIVE The account has been approved and is in use by the associated organization.
PENDING The account is created in VIP Manager but is not yet approved by a VIP administrator in VIP Manager. This state can only be set or modified in VIP Manager by an authorized Broadcom rep.
REJECTED The account was created in VIP Manager and was rejected during the enrollment process. Once an account is set to REJECTED, it can only be modified in VIP Manager by an authorized Broadcom rep
INACTIVE The account is temporarily inactive. Only an ACTIVE account can be set to INACTIVE.
DELETED The organization has been removed from the list of your VIP member accounts. An account must be set to INACTIVE before you can set it to DELETED. Once an account is set to DELETED, you must contact Symantec to change the status.

Resellers and partners can modify account statuses and other account information using these methods:

  1. Open a case with Broadcom support. Include your parent and the child member account names and jurisdiction hashes in the case details. (Additional Site ID details)
  2. Create an application that can create, find, and modify child member accounts using the account web service APIs