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Seeing unknown error code Response Code=7694 in Risk Authentication api call


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We are seeing below error code multiple time during performance test 

2022-04-08 16:47:18,364 [http-nio-10010-exec-8] INFO  arcot.riskfortAPI.RFPerfLogger(89) [] -> [http-nio-10010-exec-8]Txn-End : Operation=RE | CTID=RF_E_Q6Ed_http-nio-10010-exec-8_264 | TxnId=3:15648343 | Time=1240 | TGC=0 | TRC=0 | TWR=0 | TRD=1239 | TCR=-1 | RTC=0 | NCA=-1 | NCB=-1 | Response Code=7694 | Reason Code=8216 | Exception=

I am not able to find these in documentation.   


Release :9.1

Component : Risk Authentication


Response Code=7694 indicates the TWO_PARALLEL_REQUEST_ERROR_USER. This is when same user request comes for the user within same second for Risk evaluation.

Please follow the below suggestions to address this issue.

1. If you are using single user or less numbers of users for the test, the error will be very prevalent in the logs so create at least a 1000 users so Risk server receives unique user requests and not from same user again which causes this issue.

2.Run the below queries against the DB

update arrfconfiguration set value=5 where name='USERLOCKEDTIMEDIFF' and category='GLOBAL';

update arrfconfiguration set value=5 where name='DEVICELOCKEDTIMEDIFF' and category='GLOBAL';