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Microsoft SQL Server database support for Symantec Information Centric Analytics


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Information Centric Analytics


The Information Centric Analytics (ICA) Administrator Guide (version 6.5.4) states that Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition SP1 CU5 or later is a prerequisite for ICA. As Microsoft releases new service packs (SP) and cumulative updates (CU), is ICA tested and certified on these SPs and CUs?


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Microsoft SQL Server


ICA is not tested against every service pack and update issued by Microsoft, except as needed. Each new release of ICA will be tested on the latest publicly available build of SQL Server at that time. Broadcom will support ICA installed on the prerequisite major version of SQL Server and all subsequent minor versions, service packs, and cumulative updates.

Although Microsoft SQL Server is a prerequisite for ICA, Microsoft is responsible for supporting any issues with the SQL Server relational database management system (RDBMS), including SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). Broadcom only supports the RiskFabric (ICA) database and cube schemas. We test and certify these schemas at the time of their release on the publicly available build of each major SQL Server release available at that time (e.g., SQL Server 2019), and subsequent updates as needed. For any issues that arise after installing a later SQL Server version (including SPs and CUs), Broadcom will assist with determining the cause and resolving the issue as it relates to the RiskFabric database and cube schemas.