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URT Invalid Needed System objects DBMS_LOCK


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


The customer runs the URT tool to validate schema before upgrade but get an error relating to DBMS_LOCK as per below...    


Invalid Needed System objects
    Object Type        Object Owner   Object Name       Status             Granted   Priv
    -------------------     -------------------- ---------------------  ------------------- --------------------
    PACKAGE          SYS                  DBMS_LOCK      MISSING        NONE

This indicates the correct permissions have not been granted to the protect and/or URT user and must be fixed before proceeding with the upgrade.


Release : 15.7

Component :


The following permissions should be granted substituting "protect" and "urt_user" for the names used in your environment.

grant execute on dbms_lock to protect;
grant execute on dbms_lock to urt_user;

Additional Information

For a complete listing of permissions required by the "protect" database user in DLP, please see Verify or Grant Oracle Database Permissions to Protect User (