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Deliver - RMOSOR02 ERROR 0450 and RMOSOR04 ERROR 0450 messages received


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Please explain as to why we are receiving the below "ERROR 0450" messages:
RMOSOR04 Allocation failed archival of report ABCDEFGH - ERROR 0450 INFO 000
RMOSOR02 Allocation failed for report IJKLMNOP - ERROR 0450,INFO 0000


Release : 14.0

Component :


The "Error 0450 Info 000" errors are occurring because there are too many reports defined to one job. 

Here is the definition of the error:

  Dynamic Allocation Error 0450:  Request would cause the limit of 1635
concurrent allocations to be exceeded.

The RMOSOR02 and RMOSOR04 messages are generated, when using Deliver pre-spool processing due to a problem of exceeding the system TIOT table. 

The TIOT table size can be or size 32k or 64K. 

32K means that there can be a maximum of 1634 DDnames per STEP. 

64K means that there can be a maximum of 3268 DDnames per STEP. 

In the job output that exceeded the tape, there can be found information on the TIOT table as follows:



As a resolution, the client changed the processing of a few reports (with many Distribution IDs defined to them) to different steps in the job.